Aj Soccer – Cov-19 measures for planning training sessions and other football activities

We adhere to strict Covid-19 safety guidelines. Please read through this safety assessment. (pdf)


  • AJ Soccer will clean equipment between uses:
  • e.g. balls, cones, goalposts and bibs;
    – Bibs will not be used unless they can be washed between sessions.

  • AJ Soccer will limit sharing of equipment where possible:
  • AJ Soccer will ensure equipment is handled as little as possible by as few people as possible;
    – Each participant should bring to training their own water bottles and medication each of which should be clearly labelled with their name.


  • AJ Soccer will have strict hand hygiene:
  • – If individuals are going to share equipment, including balls, we will always ensure the individuals’ hands are thoroughly cleansed using alcohol-based hand gel, if clean running water and soap are not available, before and after use.


  • AJ Soccer will keep a register on a voluntary basis, of anyone attending sessions, to help manage ‘NHS Test and Trace’, if an infection is reported to someone present. Information collected for the register will only be shared with the NHS in the event that it is requested for test and trace purposes and must relate to the match or training in which the player tested positive.


  • All coaching staff will wear masks according to government guidelines. Coaches and children will have their temperatures taken at arrival to help mitigate Cov-19


  • AJ Soccer will carefully plan each training session or football activity and ensure that they are structured to ensure that the Government guidance are maintained.
  • Pitch markings or cones will be put in place to ensure that social distancing is maintained.
  • Competitive training can take place for all participants, in an outdoor setting provided this takes place in groups of no more than 30 (including coaches).
  • AJ Soccer will ensure activities follow the latest guidance.
  • If space allows, we will increase social distancing between players during/after heavy exertion.